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June FOMC Meeting Announcement

2022/08/22 18:31

June FOMC Meeting Announcement

Dear Customers,

The Fed FOMC announcement will be released at 02:00 (Beijing time) on 16 June 2022 (Thursday). The trading prices of the financial market might have hectic fluctuation due to the data announcement. Hence, our company will only accept orders (including entry, gain profit and stop loss) with below market prices difference within 2 hours before the data announcement:


Two hours before the announcement

(00:00 Beijing Time)

Spot Gold

US$ 10.00

Spot Silver

US$ 0.50


1. The Company might adjust the product spreads according to volatile market situation. After adjustment, the equity and margin requirement ratio will hence be affected. For those customers who hedged their positions, this might in turn causing liquidation due to the widen market spreads.

2. When the margin ratio of customer trading account equals 20%, the system will begin liquidation starting from the largest single loss position until the margin ratio back to 20%. During market volatility, it is possible that positions will be forced to close out at less than 20% margin requirement level.

3. During the period of announcement, market prices may have hectic fluctuation. Customers should aware that they may not have their orders being executed at the originally requested price and shall be liable to any consequential risk. The Company does not encourage customers from over-investing during the period of data announcement to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. Please pay attention to your trading account and make prior arrangement of fund remittances, if necessary, to avoid insufficient funds due to market fluctuation.

For any queries, please call our 24 Hours Customer Service Center. Thank you for your attention.